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What Are Chakras, Anyways?

What Are Chakras, Anyways?

Melrose Chiropractor Discusses What Are Chakras, Anyways? In my light pleasure-reading this am I was reading a review of nervous system anatomy and how it related to the ancient Indian concept of chakras. I know, kind of a ‘nerdy’ thing to do early in the AM, right? When we look at how the Indian Ayurvedic…

“That Popped Right Back Into Place!”

That Popped Right Back Into Place!

“That Popped Right Back Into Place!” It sounds good in theory.  I totally understand that it makes sense.  But adjusting the spine, even though it may have the wholly satisfying feeling of snapping two legos into place, is not the same thing at all. Let me tell you how I know about legos.  My 6-year-old…

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Is It Going To Hurt?

“Is It Going To Hurt?” This is another common question I get at the office.  It’s understandable. Especially for patients that have never been adjusted before. How do you say yes and no at the same time?  Truth is, it might hurt a bit. Like a little pinch.  If I were to guess, that would…